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About our Company
Béker-Soft Informatika Kft. was founded in the mid 90s on the field of healthcare information technology. Our objective is to provide reliable, flexible, and affordable solution for Hungarian healthcare institutions – hospitals, out-patient units, general practitioners, private institutions – but we carried out successful projects for national institutions as well.

Our company provides complete IT services including the installation of the self-developed FŐNIX-Pro, DIVAS, Terasy and SmartBed systems, along with complex IT consultancy, delivery, and installation of hardware and network infrastructures. We take part as an IT solution provider in healthcare development programs financed by EU sources.

The basics of our self-developed solutions are the Főnix-Pro integrated medical system and the DIVAS image archiving system (known as PACS). Terasy is the market leader teleradiology system in our domestic market, close to 50 healthcare institutions are using it with satisfaction. The years of development which utilized up-to-date SQL database technology with graphical user interface and the options provided by the new hardware equipment (digital voice recording, voice recognition, X-ray image archiving and viewing) resulted such IT systems, which extends beyond the recent technological demands and the requirements of the healthcare institutions. We continuously develop our systems. Our top priority in work is to continuously develop our systems, meet the most recent changes of regulations and standards, as well as our customer’s demands.

Nowadays our software solutions are used in more than 200 healthcare units on many thousands of workstations in Hungary.

During the past years we aimed to deliver complete digital solutions to the radiological departments, therefore we integrated our DIVAS PACS system with the equipment of a number of well-known international manufacturers (Protec, Konica-Minolta, GE, Philips, Kodak, Fuji, ICRCo, etc.).

For today Béker-Soft Informatika Kft. became a determinative player of the Hungarian healthcare IT market. Our goal is to increase our market-share, expand our PACS business unit – started in 2001 – with selling and servicing digital imaging devices. We want to focus on in-house product development, especially on teleradiology and mobile communication technology.

Why would it be valuable for you becoming partner of Béker-Soft Informatika Kft?

• We are reliable
• We are an experienced supplier in EU projects
• We have solid professional background
• We are able to include human resources according to the needs
• We are characterized by stability
• We are open for alternative suggestions of the institutions
• We have good relations with other market players
• We provide quality in services and projects
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